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Established in 1997, the Baffin Brand was born from a genuine love for the country in which it resides.

With Canada’s uncompromising landscapes and rugged extremities, there was a need for footwear which could provide the utmost protection from those elements. Canada’s Inuit community know this environment better than anyone else. Their winter footwear has ranged from two to five different layers of protection at any given temperature. Founder and President Paul Hubner grew up learning this. When Paul was young, his father, Peter Hubner, spent time in Canada’s Arctic working with local Inuit to source seal skin boots and other traditional Canadian winter footwear, to bring them to a broader audience.

Understanding the fundamental layering structure inspired by the Inuit, Baffin developed technologies to modernize the traditional approach. From the five layer Inuit boot, Baffin’s 8-Layer System came to fruition, and remains at the core of what keeps Baffin unique today.

So there was, and still is today, no more fitting of a place than Canada’s largest Island, spanning across the Arctic Circle, for the Baffin Brand to share its name with.

 Canada’s Baffin Outdoor Clothing & Footwear Brand