About the company:

The family company LASTING SPORT was founded in 1991 by experts in the field of technology development and production of functional materials for underwear and socks for sport, outdoor, hunting and other sporting activities. The company exports products to more than 50 countries worldwide. We also deliver to the army and other state bodies. We are very proud that our products are 100% originating in the Czech Republic. Due to the quality of our products, we have gained a lot of customers worldwide, now we would like our new collection also approached the young generation of athletes.

Lasting Outdoor Clothing

Our philosophy:

Our company minimizes the impact on the environment, especially during activities associated with the production, development of society and the development of new products. We only work with suppliers who guarantee and comply with ecological materials processing and ethical treatment of animals. Continuous improvements in production technology, together with the use of the latest trends in both graphical process design and selection of materials, ensuring high competitiveness of products LASTING in all markets. Our products have gained a lot of recognition for high quality and functionality. To ensure the highest quality products to our customers, we have implemented a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001: 2009.

Lasting Socks

Lasting Sportswear