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Viking has a set of values named ?PHILOSA?. These are the values that we will live and stand by as an organization and company.
They are the essence of what we believe in. ?PHILOSA? represent the foundation that we will build on in order to grow and develop our company and brand successfully.

The key notes of our ?PHILOSA? are:

Professional: By meeting expectations and even exceeding them, we create a strong and positive relationship with our customers and partners. It also means that we keep the highest ethical standards in our supply chain.

Honest: We want to make promises that can be delivered. Only in this manner we can build our credibility and create trust.

Innovative: We seek to be innovative, not only in terms of innovative products but also in the way we think. Since 1920 Viking has developed new ideas regarding footwear, this will be even more important to us in the future.

Long-term: We are proud of our history and we want to be proud of it the next 100 years too. Step by step we have built a reputation among customers and partners always with long term objective.

One Step Ahead: In order to realize our ambitions we need to be ?one step ahead?. Our values will be the compass getting there. And the most important part is getting there together.

Blaze & Spark. Viking Footwear

Blaze & Spark

Viking Anaconda Boa

Anaconda Boa