Mission Statement.

To provide functional, reliable products and excellent service to our customers enabling them to be successful in their individual markets.

About us.

BMC Wholesale Ltd started life as a mail order company supplying consumers via magazine titles on a small scale.

In July 2006 Koolbox became a formally registered company after trading for a number of years, but our story started one particularly cold December day more than 17 years ago whilst out in the countryside with friends and all wearing traditional wellington boots.

We realised very quickly that being cold and in particular having cold/wet feet will spoil an otherwise great day out in the countryside.

We looked for a boot that would do the job but drew a blank; we decided that there must be a market for waterproof boots with additional insulation. Over the next few weeks we researched this and found a Canadian brand of insulated footwear. Initially we purchased a few boots from Canada for ourselves and sold them locally to people we knew, it was not long before we were nationally advertising our new found boots. In a short space of time we went on to sell enough boots that we were offered a UK wide distribution contract.

The early business model started its life as a mail order operation but we had by now come to the conclusion that we had a greater potential market place, we were soon importing specialist cold weather Coats and Boots from Canada and selling them to the expedition and exploration market and soon went on to sell into both the retail sector including Harrods and Selfridges and directly to large users like The British Antarctic Survey and the Government. It was not long before it was clear we should add other products to our range to offer to our growing customer base.

By now we were firmly established in the UK market but only supplying to a very niche market. As a company we needed to expand our portfolio to appeal to a wider audience, so we researched new products to add to our range of products.

Our company has evolved incredibly from our early days, going from selling individual items to end users, to dealing with a variety of retailers selling our brands. We are now in the great position that we are regularly getting enquiries for our products from some of the largest names in our industry.

We are proud of our success, but Koolbox would not be here without our customers who have supported us and allowed us to grow into the company we are today. Looking to the future we intend to continue our personal service, supplying quality products to our ever expanding client base and adding new ranges and products to meet the needs of our customers and the market.

Today we supply retailers, B2B and Government Bodies in a wide array of marketplaces in the UK & Ireland. Over the years we have grown to understand that providing functional, reliable products at a fair price backed up with exceptional service is without doubt the way forward.

We endeavour to deliver that philosophy every day and it is now entrenched in our DNA.

“Nature is a challenge – be prepared outdoors”